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Look for the words "Made in the USA".  If it doesn't say that, ask yourself if you really need the item right now.  It takes awhile to get into the habit of doing this but it's well worth it!  Americans live with a $30-$40 BILLION deficit each MONTH!  What that means is that the amount of money leaving this country is 30-40 billion dollars more than the amount of money coming in.  In other words, a large chunk of money is going to other countries, most notably, China.  This is a huge inequality!

"Why do we buy so much more from foreign countries than from here?"

The answer is all about money.  Companies want to sell products for the most that the consumer is willing to pay and to make it for as little as they can get away with.  A U.S. worker will cost anywhere from $10/hour to $40/hour to pay, not to mention providing benefits and paying taxes.  In a lot of third world or developing countries, employees are sometimes paid in the range of $2-$30/day!  It's obvious that companies will go to where the labor is cheaper.

There are consequences.  Consider the company that has 100 workers.  The company decides to outsource its manufacturing to a foreign country.  About 75 of those 100 workers will probably be laid off.  In their place will be 200 workers who work in horrible, or at least, questionable conditions.  Those 75 people are now unemployed and unable to provide for their families unless they can find work elsewhere.

I'm not saying all companies should immediately stop outsourcing their manufacturing.  I'm actually more an advocate of education.  Any company considering outsourcing should first provide training to any employees it plans on laying off.  This would at least give them a chance to find other work.  However, a better solution is to train them on advanced manufacturing equipment, perhaps designing and maintaining automated systems, so the products can be made here less expensively and with less cost to the environment.

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